Black Stealth Fighter Windproof Umbrella

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Windproof Umbrella – Black Stealth Fighter Aerodynamic Umbrella

Looking for a truly windproof umbrella? Every now and again something amazing comes along in the world of umbrollogy. This stealth bomber umbrella can withstand winds in excess of 100 kilometres per hour, that’s over 60 miles per hour. The distinctive angular shape of the canopy is reminiscent of the delta-shaped stealth aircraft designed by the US military to deflect enemy radar.

Also, you might already have seen this new aerodynamic umbrella on TV or on YouTube being demonstrated to withstand incredible wind speeds. We’ve seen demonstrations of it being tested at over 130 km per hour, that’s an insane 80+ miles per hour! You can hardly stand up in winds of that speed.

Slice through the wind!

Due to its clever design, this aerodynamic windproof umbrella automatically finds the best – and most comfortable – wind position. No gust of wind will turn this umbrella inside out. The perfect visibility and strong windproof frame all contribute to sustainability and ease of use, in all weather conditions! Functionality, quality and style from this amazing stormproof black umbrella.

So, you’re tired of binning your brollies and would like to invest in a really strong windproof umbrella? Then this black Stormfighter umbrella could be for you. It has a strong, lightweight aluminium shaft, fibreglass frame and a straight rubberised handle. This is the full-length version but it’s also available as a telescopic, folding, compact umbrella – and in other colours – red, white, navy and royal blue. Click for the compact folding black stealth bomber umbrella.

Still not sold? Here’s a video of these beastly brollies taking on a wind tunnel:

Approx. dimensions:

  • Length from handle to tip 82 cm
  • Canopy (at widest points) 98 cm long (front to rear)  93 cm wide
  • Weight approx. 430 g
  • Handle length 12 cm.
  • Handle diameter 3 cm

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