Black Wood Stick Umbrella

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Black Wood Stick Umbrella

This Black Wood Stick Umbrella is one of the many colour options available in our ever-popular Wood Stick range. With a wooden shaft, polished wood crook handle, and matching spoke tips, this automatic opening range of walking-style umbrellas is perfect if you have value for money in mind.

This is one of the Mary Poppins umbrellas we supplied to James Corden and Sir Ben Kingsley a couple of years ago when they did their “street” version of Mary Poppins. Check it out sometime on YouTube.

We also sell many of these to people putting on “Singin’ in the Rain” at theatres everywhere.

So, to summarise. If you’re looking for a black umbrella, a plain black walking umbrella and you appreciate the convenience of an automatic opening umbrella then one of these super-smart wood stick umbrellas could be just what you’re looking for. This is a very traditional black canopied walking-style umbrella. The canopy span is approx. 105 cm and it is about 89 cm long. It has a push-button auto-open mechanism. A unisex umbrella, suitable for both lads and lasses alike. We think it’s a pretty good value at this price.

Please note this black wood stick umbrella does have limitations in exceptionally strong winds – it is not categorised as a windproof or stormproof umbrella, so use it sensibly and it will last you many years. And don’t leave it on the bus!

Although this umbrella is not designed to withstand strong winds, if you do prefer a windproof black umbrella then our Warwick Black Windproof Umbrella is another option you might like to consider. It has a stronger frame but looks very similar.

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