Kids Dinosaur PVC Dome Umbrella

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Looking for a kids dinosaur umbrella? Wow! Well, what can we say about this wonderful kids dinosaur umbrella? The ever-popular dinosaur is brought back to life (not literally) on the canopy of this fabulous little umbrella. Boys and girls always love dinosaurs so this umbrella is sure to please the user and make going out in the rain so much more fun. This cute little kids dinosaur umbrella is just the right size for children aged from 3 years upwards. It has a smart blue crook handle, just the right size for small hands and a matching blue tip. Famous dinosaurs featured in this mini work of art are T-Rex, Brachiosauruses, Stegosauruses and Velociraptors amongst others. See if your child can name them. When open this umbrella has a canopy span of 72 cm and is 66 cm long when closed. You’ll never go wrong with dinosaurs, everybody’s favourites.

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