Kimono Umbrella Kishoku

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Part of the Kimono Umbrella collection, this Kimono Sun Umbrella design is Kishoku, the colour of joy. Crafted & upcycled from a traditional, antique Kimono that has been passed down through generations.

The Kishoku parasol is made from a Japanese Tomesode, which is a special kind of Kimono worn only for celebratory occasions with close relatives. This translucent Sha-Woven silk fabric is manufactured using the Karamiori weave which creates a stiff but firm feel. The fabric is masterfully embroidered with beautiful seasonal flowers. After that, it’s decorated with eloquently delicate patterns which are created with Sumi ink.

The Sha-Woven silk is the ideal fabric for those cooler summer evenings.

Canopy is made from 100% silk of a Kimono, meaning it’s not suitable for rain as it would damage the silk however, it is perfect for the sun, weighing approximately 310 grams. Enjoy the floral and joyful design of the beautiful Kishoku Kimono Sun Umbrella.

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Kimono Collection: Sun parasols made from fabric cut from antique Kimono. The Kimono is a Japanese traditional formal costume, but due to fashion culture & trends changing, people don’t wear kimonos as often as they used to, so they have been upcycled & hand-crafted into a beautiful umbrella.

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