Orange Square Golf Umbrella

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Square Shaped Orange Umbrella

Our brand new square-shaped umbrellas are available in a variety of colours and really are increasingly recognised by the umbrella cognoscente as top quality fashion umbrellas. With a canopy width of 89 cm (approx 35??), our stylish Square Umbrellas take fashion umbrellas to another level.

Approximately 102 cm (40??) from top to tip these orange square umbrellas are part of the latest addition to our range of fashion umbrellas. This exciting square-shaped orange umbrella is totally windproof because it’s constructed with a modern, flexible fibreglass frame. They’re comparatively lightweight too! These increasingly popular and highly fashionable Square full-length Umbrellas have a strong square shaft, as well as a square handle and even a square tip to match that stylish square canopy.

For lovers of the colour orange, the world over (not just in the Netherlands!) The clean and crisp contours of these colourful fashionable umbrellas will complement virtually any outfit and make a great addition to your wardrobe. But only if the colour is orange! Go ahead, be different – you are sure to look absolutely great with a new, square-shaped orange umbrella! And, if anyone says “You’ve been tango’d”, just grab them by the lapels – and start dancing with them (the tango of course!)

Not the right umbrella for you? Check out the rest of our square umbrella range!

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