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The Red Heart Umbrella – give a little love …!

Introducing our stunningly gorgeous red Heart Umbrella. This beautiful crimson-red heart-shaped umbrella makes a perfect gift. Buy one for yourself as a special treat. Or as a gift of love for someone you care about.

AS SEEN ON TV. Have you seen the 2020 John Lewis Christmas advert? No, well take a look below at the JOHN LEWIS RED HEART UMBRELLA at the beginning – give a little love this year!


Also AS SEEN ON ITV’s ‘THIS MORNING’. Yes, as seen on TV, our amazing Red Heart Umbrella won first prize in an umbrella competition on the popular ITV breakfast TV show. It came first not only for its looks but also for its strength when tested in front of a wind machine.

Original & Genuine Heart Umbrellas – the Gift of Love

Buy your Heart Umbrella here at My Shop and avoid cheap, inferior-quality counterfeits. With our genuine and original heart-shaped umbrella, you’ll be singing in the rain. Pose for your Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest account.

Protect the one you love – show you care by giving them one of these very special fashion umbrellas.

The red Heart Umbrella is perfect for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or a birthday or, just like the John Lewis red heart umbrella, give a little love this Christmas with the perfect Christmas gift.

Oh, and it also makes a stunning wedding umbrella!

Our gorgeous red heart umbrellas not only look sensational, but they’re also totally windproof too! Pretty and practical!

Approximately 88 cm from end to end. The canopy is big too at 110 cm wide and 100 cm front to back. They feature a very strong and lightweight 16-spoke fibreglass frame on a smart aluminium shaft with a matching tip. Traditional umbrella frames usually have 8 spokes, the Red Heart umbrella has twice as many making the frame twice as strong!

Red Heart Umbrellas – keep the rain at bay & look good too!

The Heart Umbrella is available in many popular colours to match virtually any outfit. This original new design also comes with a smooth, ergonomically designed matching red handle for comfort.

Quality, style and simple good looks in one unique package – your loved one will know that you care, even though he might prefer not to use it in public (only joking!). Despite the radically different shape, this heart umbrella is easy to operate, thanks to the ergonomic and intuitive user interface (handle).

Available colours include – Hot Pink, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Black, Ivory, Soft Pink, Purple, Green, Orange and White.


Please note: these are full-length umbrellas, 88 cm long, not one of the compact ‘handbag-sized umbrellas.

  • Perfect Valentine’s Day gift, Anniversary gift or Birthday gift
  • Unique Shape
  • A strong and lightweight frame
  • Fantastic good looks and exceptionally practical
  • Windproof
  • Canopy width 110 cm and 100 cm front to back
  • Overall length 88 cm
  • Weight 470 g approx.

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