Clear Dome Umbrella With Iridescent Border

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Introducing the Iridescent Border Umbrella! We welcome this new addition to our range of clear dome umbrellas, a gorgeous clear dome umbrella with an iridescent border which is sure to be a head turner on a rainy day.

The iridescent border sparkles in the sunshine and looks different colours depending on the light, like a colour-changing rainbow or a mermaid tail.

This birdcage-style umbrella has a strong PVC canopy that is mainly clear but with a striking wide iridescent border around the bottom edge. It also has an automatic opening mechanism and a comfy crook handle. When open the canopy span is 85 cm.

The great benefit of a clear dome umbrella is that you get maximum vision and maximum coverage with the dome coming all the way down to your shoulders and your hairstyle will not be ruined.

This super umbrella would suit any occasion, rainy shopping days, the school run and even more formal occasions. Suitable for old and young alike this is also a great umbrella for teens who want something a bit more fun.

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