Paisley Automatic Compact Umbrella

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The Paisley Automatic Compact Umbrella.

Looking for a paisley umbrella? Take a look at our brand new Paisley automatic compact umbrellas. They have a lovely bright paisley pattern across the canopy and come with a sleeve in a matching fabric. The umbrellas open and close at the touch of a button, making them useful in a sudden downpour. Once your umbrella is dry, push the button again and push it gently down towards the handle to reload it. Then secure it with the wide tie wrap and pop it back in its matching sleeve.  Yes, these smart paisley umbrellas are fully automatic, meaning they both open automatically and close automatically. You’ll wonder what you ever did without it. Pop one in your shopping bag or glove box and you’ll be ready when the rain falls.

These striking paisley automatic compact umbrellas are available in 3 variations, so you can choose from Turquoise, Blue, or Purple.  Just select from the drop-down menu. Brighten up your rainy day with a paisley automatic umbrella.

These paisley umbrellas have quite a strong frame, so although they are not windproof they are nice and robust and don’t have the flimsy feel of a lot of cheaper made compact umbrellas.

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