Clear Dome Umbrella with Metallic Border – choice of 3 colours

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Clear Dome Umbrella with Border – choice of 3 metallic colours

Are you looking for a clear dome umbrella with a border? Introducing the Clear Dome Umbrella with Metallic Border!

This funky umbrella will make rainy days a whole lot more fun. The auto-opening mechanism will deploy your umbrella in seconds whilst the wide dome will afford you excellent head and shoulder coverage. You can get your head and shoulders right inside for full protection against both wind and rain.

The birdcage shape of the domed umbrella is designed for the most practical of reasons – to keep your hair dry. No more battling with the wind and rain with a normal-shaped umbrella, cover your head and shoulders with a dome umbrella and you will be safe and dry with maximum visibility.

  • Automatic opening.
  • Crook handle.
  • The canopy spans 85 cm.

Just select your preferred colour from the drop-down options menu.  Pink, Blue, and Silver

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And remember, if you need help or advice, you can email us at Our Emails or call 01525 382938.

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