Regular Walking Umbrella – White

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Regular Walking Umbrella – White

These regular walking white umbrellas are also available in a range of other popular colours and provide you with good protection at a very affordable price.

These sophisticated Regular Walking Umbrellas feature a pure white canopy measuring 105 cm in width. These umbrellas are deployed at the touch of a button because they are fitted with an auto-open mechanism. Also, a white crook handle with spoke-tips and top to match ensure you are colour coordinated. Elegant and stylish, these walking style umbrellas really are a cost-effective and functional accessory. Guaranteed to keep you feeling dry on a wet and windy day.

A white umbrella really does make the perfect addition to any outfit or occasion! Perfect for a wedding umbrella that doesn’t break the bank. Stand out on an otherwise dark and dreary day with this wonderful white umbrella. This really does make the perfect travel companion, as well as a versatile gift. Why not treat yourself or a loved one to a fantastic white umbrella today?

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