Tartan Golf Umbrella as Royal Stewart Design

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Red Tartan Umbrella

Looking for a terrific tartan umbrella? Well, if you are there is no need to stress. We’ve got you covered with our superb quality, super huge tartan golfing brolly. There are so many cheap, low-quality tartan umbrellas on the market. The sort you would buy at a cheap souvenir shop on a rainy trip to Edinburgh – this is not one of them.

Introducing the Tartan Golf umbrella – as Royal Stewart. There are tartan umbrellas and there are tartan umbrellas! Of all the tartans in the world., the red Royal Stewart Dress Tartan is possibly the best known.

This modern golf umbrella features a flexible fibreglass frame and a wonderful windproof spring. Perfect when you’re waging war on the wind! It’ll take some doing to turn this beast of a brolly inside out. But even if it does invert, it will still survive thanks to its windproof shock-absorbing canopy spring and super flexible fiberglass ribs.

Not only this but with its soft-touch handle, you’ll think you were holding the smoothest silk! This nylon canopy tartan umbrella really makes the perfect accessory for when you are out and about in challenging weather. The quality of the print has to be seen to be appreciated. Battle the elements and hike in the Highlands with ease with this trusty tartan umbrella.

Got an upcoming wedding?

You may well be thinking of using a striking tartan as a theme for your wedding.? If you are, why not consider using this stunning tartan umbrella? Cover yourself and protect your hair, makeup, and dress on your special day. Let’s face it, no matter where you go, you run the risk of rain. Not only will this umbrella keep you dry but it will also look stunning in your photographs.

When open, this brolly has a canopy span of 130 cm. ?Room for a Highland Fling!

And if you prefer a crook handled tartan walking style umbrella, click here

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